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"We got absolutely smack faced last night."

"What say you we go back to my place, light some candles, put some music on and smack?"

"You're smack out of luck."

"I suppose you think you're going to beat the smack out of me?"


"Yeah, well I think you're talking smack."

"smack for brains."

"Oh smack."

"Not this guy - he knows his smack."

"I'm up smackcreek without a paddle."

"If anyone finds out about this we are truly smacked."

"Wouldn't go in there if I were you mate, just had a massive smack."

"Literally covered with smack."

"Anyone else smell smack?"

"Shut the smack up."

"Are you taking the smack?"

"Yeah, I hate them too... that band are seriously smack."

"We're in deep smack."

"You daft smack."

"She reminded me of a smack."

"I just wish my boss wasn't such a smack."

"Get your smack together."

"You been smoking smack again?"

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