Carl Cox


Nicky Blackmarket (poach a card)

Ace of spades

All players fan their handpiles out face down, the person who drew the Ace of Spades gets to pick one card of their choice and places it below the top card of their handpile. Aim is to "Blackmarket" a Cox!


Global Gathering

Ace of hearts

At one point before the end of the game the player can call a Global Gathering - All handpiles get shuffled and redistributed.


Pendulum (slaps)

Ace of clubs

Everyone draws the top card from their handpile - highest SLAPS lowest. Aces are high and all cards drawn in this round are void (except Cox)


Judge Jules

Ace of diamonds

The player gets to over-rule one decision before the end of the game (can't over-rule a Cox)


Lasgo - nominate 2

All 2s

Nominate 2 (Nominate 2 penalties - can be distributed as you like, e.g. 2, 1-1)).


Danny Rampling - nominate 3

All 3s

Nominate 3 (Nominate 3 penalties - can be distributed as you like, e.g. 1-1-1, 2-1, 3-0).


Clubbed to Death

4 Clubs

As soon as a player draws the 4 of clubs all other players must hit them. The last player to do so has to drink 2. Everybody has to hit them even if there is only one person left to do so.


Erol Alkoholic

4 Spades

A player drawing this card has to match everyone else's drinks for an entire round of the game (until it is their go again). If they are penalised themselves they have to double up.


Silent disco

All 5s

When a player draws a 5 they are not allowed to speak until either somebody else draws a 5 at which point they take their place in the disco OR a Carl Cox is drawn. Players are still eligible for Paul Van Dyk calls and Drop the Pressure, it can be a hard time in the Disco. If a player draws a 5 whilst they are already in the Disco, they get "Double Disco'd" whereby any drinks penalty sent their way gets doubled. Players can also be moved into the disco or released from it via Judge Jules. Penalty for talking in the disco is 2 drinks.


Sharpe "7"

7 of diamonds

The only non-DJ based card, player picks up 7 cards from the player to their right's downpile. Based on our mate Sharpe's claims of a 7-inch manhood.



All 8s

Player who draws an 8 has to swap handpiles with a player of their choice.


Drop the pressure

All 9s

As soon as a 9 is drawn, all players must shout "Drop the Pressure", last person to say it drinks 2. This is an instant action card which needs to be explained at the start of the game.


Paul Van Dyk

All 10s

Player who draws a 10 becomes the "Paul Van Dyk Master", when they say Paul Van Dyk, all other players have to say Paul Van Dyk, last one to say it drinks 2. They can say it as many times as they like until somebody else draws a 10 at which point they take over as the master. Once you say it you have to nominate who was last before you can say it again. If the master draws a further 10 they become double Paul Van Dyk Master so all players must say it twice when they say it once. At all times nobody can mention "Paul Van Dyk" unless they are the master.


Pete Tong

Red jacks

"2 for Tongy" - pick up 2 from person to your rights Downpile and place under your Handpile



Black jacks

Everyone rotates handpiles to their left, even if a player has no handpile, can lead to being "frozen out"


Lisa Lashes

All queens

Queen of Hard House - Get another go.


Dr. Fox

Red kings

The Anti Carl Cox. Player who draws it has to drink 2 (except for Diamond (7), Golden (5) or Silver (3) Fox) and gets abused by all other players. Common heckles include "f- off back to Capital Radio you C-", "Not even a real Doctor" etc)


Carl Cox

Black kings

The goal of the game is to get a Carl Cox, when it is played everybody celebrates and the player is lauded as a hero. Everybody drinks 2 (except in case of Diamond (7), Golden (5) or Silver (3) Cox)


Paul Joakenfold


Player must tell a joke that makes at least 2 people laugh before the end of the game (penalty 2 drinks if failed).


The rules

It sounds pretty ludicrous to start with as there are so many cards involved, but if everybody is keen and you all concentrate and give it a crack it gets going. It is WELL GOOD

The best way to start the game is explaining that the aim is to get a Carl Cox and explain the mechanism of the game. The only cards that require explaining before you begin are the 9s (Drop the Pressure) and the 4 of Clubs (Clubbed to Death), and possibly the Paul Van Dyk. All of the others can be explained as and when they come up.

Basic Rules and the Mechanism of the Game

All cards are dealt equally amongst participating players

Play begins with the person to the left of the dealer who places one card face down (the "Downpile") and one face up next to it, the identity of this card determines what happens next.

Play then moves around to the left with players following the above procedure.

The game ends when the second Carl Cox is drawn.

The cards in a players hand are called the "Handpile", when a handpile runs out, the player picks up their downpile which becomes their new handpile.

Drinks penalties are universal and are based at "one swallow" it is not a fingers worth or a measurement that can be visibly seen.

Chemical Brothers

If two players draw the same colour and numbered card consecutively they have to stand up, link arms and down their drinks. The rest of the players sing a Chemical Brothers medley.


The Coxes

Diamond, Golden and Silver Coxes

The Diamond Cox applies when it is drawn on the first go of the entire game, this is rare and momentous so in this case everybody drinks 7. The Golden Cox is when it is drawn on an individual players first go, so any point in the first round, in this case everybody drinks 5. The Silver fox is when a player draws a Queen (Lisa Lashes) on the first go, meaning they get another go, then immediately draws a Cox. In this case everybody drinks 3.



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